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Let's be honest. The world of a network manager is stressful. Balancing maintenance & troubleshooting with service delivery & project roll-outs is challenging. WhatsUpGold is designed to reduce the time you spend ball juggling. Providing you with full visibility of your entire network it might just change the way you manage and monitor your environment, forever.

WhatsUpGold is the proven, trusted tool of choice in more than 100,000 networks across the world, after all. And Network Professionals in SMBs and international enterprises alike are discovering that monitoring and managing their network doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. WhatsUpGold means that you:

Best of all, instead of relying on a series of point products, you can do all of this from a simple, intuitive web or window-based console which is ready-to-use in minutes. Supported by robust, role-based security access, WhatsUpGold is a complete solution you can deploy to your entire support team.

So, if you'd prefer to spend more time delivering real business value than fighting fires, Why not trial WhatsUpGold in your own environment today?

Talk to one of Digital Network Australia’s fleet of experienced engineers. They’ve helped hundreds of IT professionals like you to master Network Monitoring & Management using the WhatsUpGold family of products. With over 15 years of experience in network design, DNA is your perfect network management and monitoring partner.
Call: 1300 723 600
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*Functionality available using WhatsUpGold plug-ins.
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Digital Networks Australia is the authorized distributor of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our certified WhatsUp Gold Engineers are available free of charge to assist you in during your evaluation. For assistance, please call 1300 723 600 (within Australia) or +61 2 8436 9600 (international)

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