Monitor your Virtual Environment

Virtualization Monitoring For Hyper-V and VMware Environments

Map Your Virtual Infrastructure

Automatically generate dynamic maps of your Hyper-V and VMware infrastructure, displaying hosts and guests, host/guest relationships, clusters, and real-time status.

With a single click, drill down to view performance data on any virtual resource on the map.

Monitor Your Virtual Infrastructure

Monitor VMware and Hyper-V in real-time to keep an up-to-date list of all hosts and attributes. Monitor the performance and resource consumption of hosts and guests, including CPU, Memory, Disk and Interface Utilization and the availability and performance of servers and tracks live migrations

While Virtualization Monitoring is automatically set to poll every minute, system admins can customize their polling cycles to meet their specific needs. An event log provides a record of events generated from virtual devices.

Alert on Your Virtual Infrastructure

Generate threshold-based alerts on CPU, memory, disk and interface utilization on virtual machines and events including virtual machine status, security related events and any alert generating an event log.

Alerts are sent via Email, SMS or log files and integrated into the WhatsUp Gold Alert Center - a single source for managing alerts across your entire IT environment.

Report on Your Virtual Infrastructure

Out-of-the-box reports include:

- Virtual Hosts (all hosts discovered on the network)

- Virtual Server Attributes (VIM and API versions, number of CPU cores, packages and threads; virtual machines, powered on and off, and suspended)

- Virtual Machine Current CPU, Memory, Disk and Interface Utilization reports.

Net & App Performance Monitoring

Turnkey app profiles let you easily monitor availability performance of Linux systems, Apache web servers and popular Microsoft apps.

Discovery & Network Management

Automatically generate dynamic maps, with a single click, drill down to view performance data on any virtual resource on the map.


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Experience IT Monitoring Re-imagined

WhatsUp Gold 2017 features TotalView the industry's most flexible monitoring approach. Monitor any mix of networks, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows across Windows, LAMP, Java and cloud environments. Reallocate licenses wherever and whenever you want without additional cost.

Network Traffic Analysis

Get detailed and actionable data on which users, apps, and protocols are consuming bandwidth.

Config. Management

Automate configuration storage, changing and permissions control to eliminate manual effort and potential errors.


SLA Reporting

SLA Reporting using WhatsUpGold

Monitor Windows, Linux, Apache, Java and custom applications. Use out of the box profiles to assure that you meet your SLAs.

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