Network Traffic Analysis

Ensure Network Bandwidth Availability for Business-Critical Applications and Services

Monitor Your Network Traffic

Collect network traffic and bandwidth usage data from any flow-enabled device on the network and supports Cisco’s NetFlow and NetFlow-Lite as well as NSEL protocols, J-Flow, sFlow and IPFIX.

Analyze Bandwidth Utilization
Identify Top Capacity Consumers
Ensure Capacity for Critical Applications
Respond to Suspicious Activities
Detect Problem Usage

Analyze Bandwidth Utilization

Gain visibility to user, system and application traffic by collecting and analyzing network flow records.

Monitor and manage bandwidth usage with critical insights to bandwidth utilization, even in multi-vendor networks. Collect flow records using Cisco NetFlow, NetFlow-Lite and NSEL, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, and IPFIX protocols and visualize traffic patterns from a single console. Generate top application reports using Cisco's NBAR classification, and CBQoS reports on class-based policies. Native support of Cisco's NetFlow-Lite – eliminates need for added complexity of 3rd party aggregator tools.

Identify Top Capacity Consumers

Track bandwidth consumption of key users and systems to ensure robust service delivery.

Get detailed visibility into top senders, receivers and conversations to learn which users and systems are consuming the most network bandwidth. Establish bandwidth usage policies to ensure that business-critical systems get the bandwidth they need. Get alerts when normal usage patterns are exceeded.

Detect Problem Usage

Track network traffic by protocol and user. Identify suspicious activities and unauthorized usage.

Monitor bandwidth utilization by protocol and user. Assure bandwidth is prioritized for critical business apps and services. Set thresholds to get alerts when bandwidth usage policies are violated. Identify large file transfers from sensitive data assets using Peer-to-Peer protocols. View out of the box reports using Cisco's NBAR classification, and CBQoS reports on class-based policies.

Net & App Performance Monitoring

Turnkey app profiles let you easily monitor availability performance of Linux systems, Apache web servers and popular Microsoft apps.

Monitor your Environment

Automatically generate dynamic maps, with a single click, drill down to view performance data on any virtual resource on the map.


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Experience IT Monitoring Re-imagined

WhatsUp Gold 2017 features TotalView the industry's most flexible monitoring approach. Monitor any mix of networks, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows across Windows, LAMP, Java and cloud environments. Reallocate licenses wherever and whenever you want without additional cost.

Discovery & Network Mapping

Powerful Layer 2/3 discovery that can generate detailed maps of the core, Windows, wireless and virtual infrastructures and more.

Config. Management

Automate configuration storage, changing and permissions control to eliminate manual effort and potential errors.


SLA Reporting

Monitor Windows, Linux, Apache, Java and custom applications. Use out of the box profiles to assure that you meet your SLAs.

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